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The Inception Sound in All Game Trailers: BWAAAH

Thursday, August 10th 2017.

The Inception Sound in All Game Trailers: BWAAAH

The Inception Sound, the Inception Horn, BWAAAH, BRAAAHM or BWONG: there’s loads of it in post-Inception game trailers, with some new variations, just like the honking of a mighty electrogoose. Verify these out, for starters. Which did we miss?

Video contains:
Hitman: Absolution
Battlefield three: Aftermath DLC
Final Marvel vs. Capcom three
Prototype 2
Name of Responsibility: Black Ops 2
Star Wars 1313
Name of Responsibility: Trendy Warfare three
Useless Area three
Mass Impact three*
Battlefield three

*From a promotional video relatively than a trailer. It seems the Reapers’ NATIVE LANGUAGE is Inception Horn:

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