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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: THE MOVIE (2015) TRAILER

Tuesday, May 30th 2017.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: THE MOVIE (2015) TRAILER

The traditional story of horror involves vivid life on this cinematic adaptation of the NES video game. See Dr. Jekyll combat off enemies in hazardous 19th century London. See Mr. Hyde battle demons along with his lethal psycho wave! Which is able to triumph? Good or evil?

It is only a trailer. Not an precise film. A one-time spoof. Not endorsed by the 80’s video game, or Robert Louis Stevenson’s corpse.

This was a enjoyable secret undertaking that I deliberate for years. The primary scene was shot in December 2014 (The pub). The bulk was shot this previous Summer time 2015. The results pictures and post-production was within the Fall.

Narrated by Epic Voice of Sincere Trailers
Hear extra of his superior voice at:

Music by Derek Palmer
You should purchase the tracks right here!

Hear extra of Derek’s work right here

The post-effects for the Hyde scenes was finished by Rainfall Movies, who simply made an incredible Metroid brief movie. See it right here:

The pyro/explosion pictures have been finished by Andrés Borghi, who made some superior movies of his personal similar to:
Alexia (Horror brief)

Contra movie

See the Indignant Video Game Nerd’s assessment of the Jekyll & Hyde game. (Episode 95)

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