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Arslan The Warriors of Legend

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Arslan The Warriors of Legend

An exciting collaboration between The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime and the action-infused Warriors series! Experience the grand historical fantasy with ARSLAN THE WARRIORS OF LEGEND

Shared visual style and talented voice actors help players relive the anime!

Single-handedly scatter enemies, then wipe them out with special Rush units in this new form of Warriors action!

The gameplay is very similar to the dynasty series, borderline copy and paste almost…But with some variation to make it not such a direct copy. You find cards on the battlefield after defeating certain enemies, completing objectives, or finishing a level. These cards give you passive buffs such as increased power, defense, musou/special gauge attributes, increased health, etc…
In order of increasing rarity you have C, B, A, (possibly S as well, I will change this once if I find one). As you go up in rarity you get more passives per card. There is a mini card crafting menu that lets you combine (10) cards to create a new one.
What I did enjoy though is the mount combat, I haven’t played a dynasty game where you kind of want to fight on your horse. You can actually pull of combos, which I find is a very nice touch.

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